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We are dedicated to serving children, teen and adults with their speech & communication challenges through our passion & commitment.

How a Speech Pathologist can help

A speech pathologist will study then diagnose and treat speech & other communicative disorders such as speaking, articulation, understanding & listening, social skills, reading & writing, stuttering, transgender voice changes, and using voice fluently.

There are many reasons for these disorders such as developmental delays, brain injuries, stroke, learning or intellectual disabilities, voice damage, some medications, ageing, dementia and hearing loss.

Speech pathologists can help you in the following ways:

Language articulation Using language to express thoughts, ideas & feelings.

Speech disorders & delays Producing and understanding speech sounds.

Language reception Word meanings, instruction & understanding.

Fluency of speech Helping those who stutter to speak with more confidence & more fluently.

Supporting alternative communication Where those with difficulties speaking and writing (using communication boards, speech generated devices, pictures or sign language may help language expression.

Swallowing or feeding challenges Assisting children & adults whom have eating, drinking and swallowing difficulties.

Social challenges Social communication can be challenging for some and need help with following rules of conversation and communication for social purposes.

Vocal challenges Such as pitch, quality, tone and volume issues.

Cognitive problems Rearranging thoughts, attention, planning and reasoning to improve communication.
Rehabilitation for the deaf or hard of hearing.

Literacy & pre-literacy learning Skills for effective reading, writing and spelling.

Taylah O’Brien

Speech Pathologist

Yasmeen Prasad

Speech Pathologist
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