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Our accommodation options and trained support staff will assist you to feel comfortable, in your home away from home.

What Accommodation options we offer

Supported Independent Living

Supported Independent Living (SIL) can be set up for you, providing NDIS approves your submission. SIL can be comparable to shared-housing, whilst continuing your supports. SIL allows participants to live as independently as possible. SIL includes funding for any home modification(s) which may be required for your individual needs.

Independent Living Options

Independent Living Options (ILO) are often the alternative to shared living. Supports may reside with the participant part-time or full-time either in the participants residence or in a non-related host’s residence who provides the support. ILO also allow the flexibility for the participant to live with anyone of their choice and

Specialist Disability Accommodation 

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is designed specifically for people with very high needs and or extreme functional impairment. SDA housing is modified to be accessible to suit your needs, making life easier and offering your supports accessibility and safety. SDA funding covers the cost of the home or building, supports / rent / personal expenses will need to be covered separately. SDA can be a shared housing situation or depending on your circumstances, you may be able to live alone in an SDA.

Medium Term Accommodation

Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) can provide you with a housing solution while you are waiting for a long-term solution. The NDIS will fund MTA providing you have a long-term solution forth-coming and or if you are awaiting your disability-related supported housing, home modifications, assistive technology or a definitive Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) to become available. MTA may also be funded after leaving hospital, rehabilitation or an alternative care setting.

Short Term Accommodation

(STA) provides  a short stay to give you a break, develop new skills, try a new environment and possibly make new friends. STA includes personal care, food, accommodation and supported activities that are agreed upon. Generally, STA is funded up to 28 days per annum, which can be used flexibly. STA may also be funded if your family / supports can no longer support you or if STA would help you to maintain functional capacity and or increase your independence.

Our Accommodation

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