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Bespoke sensory gym in house at one of Aspire's therapy office

Our Sensory Gym

Our Southport Clinic has a fully equipped sensory gym ready for therapy to take place with NDIS participants of all ages and abilities. Built in 2020, the sensory gym is a two-storey space that supports exploration and management of the sensory systems and sensory integration. The sensory gym provides a fun environment to explore sensory integration strategies to support engagement and skill development. By creating the optimal sensory environment for the participant, it allows our therapists to work on functional goals and develop skills.

Equipment in our sensory gym includes:

  •  Swings
  •  Ladder
  •  Rock climbing wall
  •  Chalk drawing walls
  •  Obstacles
  •  Therapy balls
  •  Sensory soothing and alerting toys

Benefits of the Sensory Gym

Sensory gyms have been proven to help with fine motor skills, body awareness, increased social skills, play skills, self-regulation as well as improve muscle strength, coordination, and balance. Sensory integration is more achievable using a sensory gym as the environment can be completely manipulated to suit your sensory needs. This encourages engagement in desk-based and non-preferred tasks.

No sensory issues? No worries! Our therapists are happy to meet with you in one of our other therapy spaces, or alternatively use the sensory gym to complete other types of therapy.

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