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Our behaviour consultants provide comprehensive consultations to schools or at home for children and adults whom may have behavioural, social, communication and language challenges. Our services can be provided within schools to help manage specific pupils or at home for those with either age related issues or mental disabilities.

What our Behaviour Specialists do

At Aspire Allied Health, our behavioural specialists take a holistic approach to behaviour modification, exploring the biological, social, and psychological factors behind behaviours. Performing in depth assessment and observation of our clients and their environments.  

Our behaviour specialists use this information to develop comprehensive strategies to modify unwanted behaviours. While also developing strategies to teach daily living and emotional regulation skills. 

We provide ongoing support and training to individuals, families, schools, and support providers to empower our clients to reduce unwanted behaviours, improve their skills, relationships, and quality of life.  





How we support you

If your loved one is experiencing behavioural issues, we are here to help. Our behavioural specialists can assess, strategize, and implement interventions to reduce unwanted behaviours, and support your loved one to thrive.  

Our behaviour specialists are trained to provide support with the following:  

  • ADHD  
  • ASD  
  • Physical aggression  
  • Verbal aggression  
  • Lack of compliance  
  • Difficulty with bedtime  
  • Difficulties with listening  
  • Eating disorders 
  • Bullying  
  • Issues with playing appropriately  
  • Social skills  
  • Communication skills  
  • Hygiene  
  • Discipline  
  • Repetitive behaviours  
  • Attachment  
  • Lack of motivation  
  • Sensory difficulties  
  • Separation anxiety  
  • Family dynamics  
  • Problem behaviour at school  
  • Issues with travelling 
  • Stealing  
  • Fabrication and lying  
  • Jealousy  
  • Toileting   


As an allied health service, our behaviour specialists can work closely with other members of your allied health team to develop the most appropriate interventions and create real change.  

Our behaviour consulting services are available in our clinic, within the home, school, or community.  

As a registered NDIS provider, we focus on developing strategies that eliminate the need for regulated restrictive practices. In certain situations, some restrictive practices may be required for the safety of our clients. All proposed restrictive practices are subject to NDIS regulations and approval.  

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